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  1. Owner provided Info

What MLW offers you as a New Franchisee.

  1. Site visits and knowledge of  stores before you sign lease to protect you from any un seen variables that might be a cost factor.
  2. Help you work with your leasing agent and Landlord to establish final lease plans such as allowances, space square footage, etc. 
  3. Architectural and Engineering Plans for your project within 4-5 weeks ready for permit.
  4. Budget Bids for your new Tropical  Smoothie Cafe project. This helps with you getting your loan approval. Use MLW’s knowledge of building over 22 stores to put together a budget bid based on your design and layout.
  5. Total Interior build out of your project from start to finish within 7-8 weeks turn-key
  6. Final Estimate Bid based on your project from start to finish as per plans—These final estimates are built just for Tropical Smoothie Café projects so all items are accounted for when bidding your project—this makes sure no items are left out and you as a franchisee will not have change orders on your job. 

A.            Architectural and Engineering plans for your new store at a reasonable price from our experienced Architect. MLW will provide you with a working  and permitable set of plans for your new Tropical Smoothie Café.  MLW will also submit plans to permit office and get your permit in hand ready for build out.  At this time you can choose to use MLW as a contractor or use another contractor for your build out—you are not liable to use MLW for the build out just because you contracted with us for plans.

How does this work and what do I get?

STEP 1- You will contract directly with Brian Weems with M.L. WARWICK, INC once your lease is signed.  Brian will coordinate with the Windsor Group or your lease agent to help make sure you we get the information needed to start the cycle rolling.  Brian will coordinate with Café Concepts and get the space plan drawings and your Landlord to get all existing plans needed for our Architect to start proceeding.  We will also check to make sure there are not any (Gray areas ) of concern that might cost more money for you during the build out or that might can save you money during the build out.  ( SEE FORM Owner provided info
Step 2-  M.L. WARWICK, INC will send you a contract and price based on your project build out.  ( See Contract form )
Step 3- M.L. WARWICK, INC will begin the drawings which take usually 4-5 weeks based on how quickly your landlord provides us with the info we need. 

Step 4- Plans are reviewed by M.L. WARWICK, INC and ( Gary Sundean director of construction ) for final print.

Step 5- Plans are approved and submitted to the local permit office for review.  Once plans are reviewed our Architect will answer any comments or concerns that the permit office might need from us on the project. These comments will be answered and re-submitted within a week of all comments sent back to us. By having our own Architect we can control the speed of things to be done and keep consistency on all Tropical Smoothie stores going forward. 
B.            Budget Bid for your new store.  This helps you as a franchisee get a rough idea of total job cost and helps you apply and get ready for your loan approvals.  generic budget bid form This will also play a big role in comparing apples to apples when getting other bids from other contractors.  Keep in mind this is only a ( BUDGET BID ) where we are only putting projection cost together based on our experience. Prices can change due to code issue requirements, Landlord restrictions, unseen problems from the landlord.  Once the final permitted plans are complete and delivered to us, MLW will provide you with a ( FINAL PROPOSAL) for construction based off the completed and approved set of plans. 

C.       Final Estimate  MLW will provide each franchisee with a final estimate once the Architectural and Engineered plans are complete.  This usually takes about 7 business days once the plans are in MLW’S hands. MLW’s team of project managers work closely with Haines Jones and Cadbury with purchasing all materials at discounted prices for your Tropical Smoothie Café.  Since we have such a close relationship with HJC we receive very the best prices for your materials.  MLW also will get bids from 3 local subs in your area  on Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC to find there best prices and best subs for  the job.  MLW has established sub base contractors across the United States for your local projects.  MLW has been performing various amounts of projects in every major city over the last 22 years which keep our subs loyal to us.

What all forms do I expect to get with my Final Proposal:

    1.       Final Proposal

    2.       Scope Of Work

    3.       Schedule of work

D.       Start Dates     MLW will be onsite ready for construction within 7 business days once permits are 100 percent approved by the permit office and TSC Corporate office. 
E.       Who will Manage my  project  Within the 7 business days MLW will send out there qualified Superintendent to build your project.  Each super will self perform work on your site such as Framing, drywall, trim carpentry, cabinets, paint, doors, and coordinate all other subs such as Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Low Voltage, or any other possible subs that might be needed for your project.  Our Super will be only in charge of your project and your project only during this 7-8 week build-out, which means he will be onsite almost every day being a traveling superintendent.  As well you will contact Brian Weems at MLW corporate office for any concerns or questions as well during your project.    Please see ( Schedule of work for construction schedule)
F.        Job Completed  Before we walk off your jobsite, you as a new owner will have a completed and signed ( Punch List ) from MLW.  We will make sure all your equipment is set in place and works, all inspections are complete and a Certificate of Occupancy is in hand, Health Inspections are lined up, and a Full One Year Warranty is in place.  All warranties will be sent into MLW’s office and handled with Brian Weems. 


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